Retiring In The Next Few Years?

At Compass Financial Management Group, we have been helping individuals through the retirement process for the last 25 years.  We probably don't have to tell you that things have changed drastically over the last few years.  We talk to people almost every day that are concerned with "running out of money".

At retirement time, many people go into the distribution phase of their retirement and never get out of the accumulation phase.  The danger is that when your accounts start to go down, you are not only losing your money but you are using it for income also.  It could take your assets down to a level you never recover from.

Let us show you how to go to the preservation phase of retirement and then start your distribution from there.  We have a plan designed to give you a predictable outcome to meet your retirement needs.  This is designed so that you may never out live your income.  Many Advisors are offering these plans though a structure that places your money in one product.  The problem with doing that is when you are taking income from your investments, they may start declining from day one. 

One of our approaches ladders your investments among several financial products.  This copyrighted program is patterned after the Grangaard Strategy (TM) of investing.  This strategy implements a phased income and growth approach.  Each phase offers a specific solution to your financial needs.  Our software can mathematically calculate how much goes into each phase of the plan and creates a model that is designed to provide income that you will not outlive! 

 Give us a call and allow us to put together a Compass Plan(TM) for you.  There is no cost or obligation.  You may visit our offices in Ormond Beach, Fl or we will be glad to come to you.  We invite you to call us toll free at: 888 673-5191 or e-mail us by clicking on:

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Check the background of this financial professional on FINRA's BrokerCheck